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All painting, re-paints & ground terrain by Peter Gaut
Copyright 2013 B2DTerrain

 This is the site for the original, hand-crafted, hand-painted Board2Death™ Terrain Boards. With just one of these boards, and

a small number of miniatures you can enjoy hours of gaming pleasure. But when combined with other B2D Boards™ you,

the discerning gamer, have the ability to create an unlimited amount of different terrain, scenarios and even seasons that will

never leave you “bored to death”. 

 You can now have the kind of terrain that is featured in books, magazines and display games. B2D Boards™ are an innovative, modular (and more importantly, affordable) design that allows any gamer, with minimal effort, to set up the kind of terrain that

has the “WOW” factor formerly only available to those willing to spend countless hours and dollars on their hobby. These 8 boards will fit together in almost an unlimited number of ways. That, and the ability to add or remove the Pine trees (10-12 trees included, you may purchase more from us, or use your own to fill the gaps) give you the ability make your battlefield different, every game.

We have two sets of terrain boards:


PHOTOGRAPHY:  Peter Sharp, Richard Boyd, Andy Silvers & Peter Gaut,,

All painting & terrain by Peter Gaut.

please refresh your page, they are all photo heavy

available NOW: muskets 2 machine guns

Being a group of eight 2' x 2' 28mm Wargame Skirmish Boards. Suitable for all time periods.

NOTE:These boards can be used as 15/20mm boards by adding flock to the existing road edges (cutting down the width),

using our smaller trees & your own 15/20mm buildings. We use smallish rock walls, which will not spoil the appearance of

different scales. 

available NOW: Hanging On The Old Barbed Wire

Being a group of four 2'x2' 28mm WW1 Skirmish Boards. Suitable for WW1 Western Front. With the 100th anniversary beginning in 2014, there is no better time to game this global changing conflict, which outcome influences our world to this day.