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 Starting with 1” thick hi-density foam boards, each Board is strengthened with Hot Wire Foam Factory’s “Foam Coat” & “Bounce”

for durability. The Boards are backed with 1/8” hardboard & Velcro tabs to secure them together. The sides are strengthened with heavy gauge styrene. Each 2’x 2’ B2B Board has it’s own unique features, including shell holes, depressions, slit trenches and more. All  feature several hills (up to 1.5”) and most, a waterway. All are individually hand crafted and hand painted, making them all 3D works of art, that you will be proud to own and with proper care, will last a lifetime. Believe me, I know, you should see the gang of Troglodyte's I game with!

 Each Board also comes with a B&W template map (but in reverse than those shown), allowing you to create a map of your battlefield, where you can mark trees, hills that block Line Of Sight, or those that don't, hidden troops, objectives and any number of unseen goodies, to make your scenario more exciting. Each template has a white dot shown where each Board can hold a removable "Pine" tree. These are small holes drilled into the board with a rubber tube inserted that will hold most commercial wire trunk trees, allowing you to use your own if you already have some in your collection. If not, you can always purchase more from B2D. We offer groups of "20-28mm" or "15-20mm" pines flocked in either several shades of green or as snow covered pines" The difference between the two being the maximum & minimum heights of the pines ordered. As you can see, there is a near infinite number of ways to modify your landscape and give you the battle you are looking to game. Please note: The Board you will receive is based on the B&W template, not the prototype Boards seen to the left of each template, though there are minor differences between what is shown below.Click on image to enlarge

8 boards, endless combinations

please refresh your page, they are all photo heavy

These boards have the unique ability to represent every season of the year with a simple switch of flocking, clump foliage for the hardwood trees and ground cover. See the GALLERY page for examples of 3 different scales, landscapes from New York to Russia to South Africa, and all four seasons on a single board.

 That, and the ability to add or remove the Pine trees (10-12 Heki Flocked trees included with each Board, you may purchase more from me, or use your own to fill the gaps. Most Boards have 30-40 “Pine Tree Positions”) give you even more flexibility

to make your battlefield new, different and visually striking, every game.